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Aeon Fantasy Continues to Offer Spaces for Dreams, Fun and Interaction through Play

Once again today, children are dancing with La La-chan at Molly Fantasy in Beijing.
At Kidzooona in Bangkok, children are joyfully running hand-in-hand with their fathers.
In Tokyo, Sapporo and Kuala Lumpur, the children of the world love to have fun.
Playing together with family and friends brings smiles to their faces.
At Aeon Fantasy, we think about what’s ahead of those smiles.
We do our best to create places where children can enjoy play and laughter that promote sound, healthy growth…
Where children and adults worldwide can be together and create a circle of happiness that will grow over time…
And where the activities of today will lead to a brighter world tomorrow.
Because we believe in the wonderful power of little smiles.
The smiles of children are magic that lights up the world.

Nao Kataoka

Mission Statement: We Contribute to Society by Proposing New Dreams, Enjoyment and Sharing through Joyful Play

The Aeon Fantasy Brand Symbol

This symbol expresses both the wonder and enjoyment of a fantasy, and the strength and agility of a corporation. The oval shape depicts Aeon Fantasy's nationwide expansion of "play spaces" and the eternal ring that symbolizes the Aeon Group. The colors denote the blue sky and green forests, and also represent newness and the wonder of life.

Aeon Fantasy