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A family entertainment company that provides “smiles for the whole family” “relaxation” and “healthy growth of children” through plays.

2017 is a critical milestone as AEON Fantasy celebrated the 20th anniversary of its establishment, and the 10th anniversary of its first overseas subsidiary, AEON Fantasy China.

The company’s business has expanded from Japan to seven overseas countries including China and ASEAN with the number of stores reaching 849 (※as of end of April 2018).
We are delivering an enjoyable experience to numerous children across national boundaries.

Even when the country and the time period change, the “important values ” for children and their family remain unchanged such as times spent happily with family and friends, the memorable camaraderie and smiles, the courage and ties that are developed through play.
Under our company’s motto, “to contribute to society by proposing new dreams, enjoyment and sharing through joyful play,” we will continue to provide such universal values around the world.

Nobuyuki Fujiwara

Mission Statement: We Contribute to Society by Proposing New Dreams, Enjoyment and Sharing through Joyful Play

The Aeon Fantasy Brand Symbol

This symbol expresses both the wonder and enjoyment of a fantasy, and the strength and agility of a corporation. The oval shape depicts Aeon Fantasy's nationwide expansion of "play spaces" and the eternal ring that symbolizes the Aeon Group. The colors denote the blue sky and green forests, and also represent newness and the wonder of life.

Aeon Fantasy