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Our Strengths

Customer Service Expertise

A Warm Spirit of Hospitality

The ability to play in safety at all times is an essential element for achieving customer satisfaction. Our staff members are carefully trained as entertainment leaders who happily and responsibly serve customers in every aspect of their shop experience — from managing events and maintaining the overall cleanness of the shop and facilities to providing warm, heartfelt service. Staff members in charge of safety are constantly present, and circulate throughout the shop to ensure that all children remain safe and secure.

Thorough Training and a Qualifications System

The Aeon Fantasy College, an in-house training institute, conducts regular seminars by professional instructors in order to cultivate entertainment leaders. An in-house certification system is also employed to increase the motivation of the staff members.

Innovative Play Proposals

Marketing Activities Backed by a Vast Knowledge of Playing

Using periodic customer surveys and a unique monitoring system, the latent needs, opinions and requests of customers are collected. Entertainment forms that accurately reflect the resulting trends and that truly please customers are then proposed.

Shop Expansion

Increasing Shops in China, Centering on Beijing

In 2007, a wholly owned subsidiary named Aeon Fantasy (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was established. In 2008, the year of the Beijing Olympics, our first shop opened its doors in Beijing, and the number of shops has steadily increased since then. Our operations in China will continue to grow, through Aeon Fantasy (Beijing).

Expanding Our ASEAN Presence from the Base in Malaysia

Expanding Our ASEAN Presence from the Base in Malaysia In 2011, Aeon Fantasy (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. was established in Malaysia, where Aeon Fantasy franchises have long been developed. This company will serve as a springboard for the expansion of our operations, including directly managed franchise shops, in all of the ASEAN countries.