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Corporate Information

About Aeon Fantasy

The Company

We create, manage and promote indoor theme parks with entertainment and amusement facilities for the enjoyment of children under 12 years of age and their families.

Our Shops

Our shops feature indoor theme parks where children and their parents can play, designed with the themes of sharing communication and forest fun. Shop facilities include merry-go-rounds, interactive games, medal games, card games, and other amusement items.

Our Performance in Japan

We operate more than 300 shops in shopping centers and other facilities all over Japan, and are warmly received by all of the communities that we serve.

About the Aeon Group

The Aeon Group is a major distribution enterprise consisting of more than 180 national and international companies centered on the Aeon Retail Co., Ltd. within the pure holding company of Aeon Co., Ltd. Recognizing that Japan belongs to a single market with the rest of Asia, the Group strives to form close relationships with each region and provides shops, products and services that meet regional needs.