Inai Inai Baa! (Peek-a boo)
Okaasan to Issho/Garapikopu (Fun Fun Studio!)
Miitsuketa! (I Found It!)
What is Nikohapikidz?

Lots of smiles on everyone's faces and children are happy...♪
A place has finally been created where children
can play to their heart's content close to the characters that they love!

Nikohapikidz is a kids' entertainment facility that integrates learning and play.
We support the growth of children in mind, body and spirit through ”play”.

There are 3 characteristics:
  • You can experience the world of popular children's programs on NHK ETV such as Inai Inai Baa! (Peek-a boo),
    Okaasan to Issho/Garapikopu (Fun Fun Studio!) and Miitsuketa! (I Found It!)
  • We support the growth of children's mind and body through exciting experiences of discovery and imagination.
  • A complete lineup of popular character goods! Original Nikohapikidz goods are also available!
Nikohapikidz has put together a corner where children can have fun thinking and running around while getting close to popular NHK kids' characters.
*Events held at the Event Plaza are based on a quota system.
Usage of the play equipment Entrance Fees
Initial 60 minutes Every 30 minutes extension 2 hours
Weekday Exclusive
0-7 years of Age ¥1,400/- ¥700/- ¥2,100/-
Third grade elementary school- 15 years old ×
※Only admission is allowed
¥500/- ¥200/- ¥700/-
Guardians (above 16 years old)
※Limited to providing support for children
¥500/- ¥200/- ¥700/-

*To enter the facility, children need to be accompanied by a guardian above 16 years old.

*Adults only are not allowed for admission.

*Usage of the play equipment is limited to children below second grade and their guardians above 16 years old.
(Customers who are in third grade -15 years old are only given admission.)

*We would like to ask customers to manage the length of time they spend using the facility. Please note that there will be automatic extension charges if your usage exceeds 60 minutes.

*Please refrain from taking meals within the facility. Only beverages in a pet bottle or water bottle with a cap that can be closed are allowed in the facility.

*Initial fees will be collected prior to entrance. Extension fees will be collected upon exit.



  • Always make sure that there is at least 1 guardian (above 16 years old) to attend to a child.
  • Children cannot use the facility on their own.
  • Adults only are not allowed for admission.
  • To ensure the safety of children playing with the play equipment, third graders - 15 year old's should refrain from using the play equipment.
  • Our facility cannot take care of customers' children under any kind of circumstances.
  • For safety purposes, entrance will be limited during rush hours.

Requests to customers concerning usage

  • Please refrain from taking meals within the facility premises.
  • To avoid injuries and accidents please remove accessories or any sharp objects before entering the play land.
  • The management will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries.
  • Toilets are unavailable inside the play land, you are requested to visit the facilities prior to entry.
  • Children need to remove their shoes and socks to enter the facility.
    Please use the lockers provided before entering the facility. *Adults will only need to remove their shoes.
  • Drinking and smoking is strictly prohibited.

Rules to observe when using the facility

Children must be supervised at all times.
To ensure everyone's safety please refrain from running inside the play land.
It is very dangerous to play with food in your mouth, so do not play and eat at the same time.

About usage of the play equipment

The staff may warn children who are rough housing.

About reentering

When exiting the facility to use the restroom or other outside facilities, please show your original receipt to staff at the counter. (Please note that any time spent outside the facility will be counted as part of your course time in the facility.)

Please keep your receipt until exiting the facility

You will need to present your original receipt to staff when exiting the facility. Please do not lose your original receipt.

Our staff will not get involved should any trouble arise between customers within the facility.

Our company will not bear any responsibility for any accidents, injuries or loss of personal belongings within the facility.

If facility staff deem that a customer is obstructing facility operations or causing inconvenience to others, that customer may be asked to leave the facility. Thank you for your understanding.

Address Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro 7th Floor 1-banchi
1-1-25 Nishi-ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
TEL 070-3100-5561
Open Hours 10:00~20:00(last ticket sale at 19:00)
The days when our shop is closed will follow that of Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro.

> Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro
Access Directly connected to Ikebukuro Station on JR/Tobutojo Line/Yurakucho Line/Marunouchi Line
5-min walk from Exit 5 of Ikebukuro Station on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line

Nikohapikidz is operated by AEON Fantasy Co., Ltd. which has developed a variety of family-oriented amusement facilities, including "Mollyfantasy," in Japan, China and various ASEAN countries.

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