Investor Relations

Financial Information

Statements of Income


(thousands of yen)
Net sales73,492,76046,116,449
Cost of sales64,765,94548,776,851
Gross profit (loss)8,726,815-2,660,401
Selling, general and administrative expenses5,515,2944,768,679
Operating profit (loss)3,211,520-7,429,080
Non-operating income
Interest income82,27678,220
Foreign exchange gains-109,954
Insurance claim income37,56422,721
Gain on sales of non-current assets5,291394
Gains on write-off of deposits23,77626,326
Gain on cancellation of leases9,478280,544
Refund of chinese value-added-tax8,31467,924
Total non-operating income194,821630,606
Non-operating expenses
Interest expenses771,816788,020
Foreign exchange losses25,370-
Loss on sales of non-current assets170,67137,810
Total non-operating expenses1,018,953921,057
Ordinary profit (loss)2,387,388-7,719,532
Extraordinary income
Reserve for closing loss reserve reversal amount6,175-
Gain on forgiveness of store rent-956,042
Subsidies for employment adjustment-527,140
Total extraordinary income6,1751,483,182
Extraordinary losses
Provision for loss on shop closing-19,648
Impairment loss1,261,462773,484
Loss on store closings57,094118,751
Loss on temporary closing of stores422,8784,535,927
Infectious disease control costs-123,979
Total extraordinary losses1,741,4365,571,791
Profit (loss) before income taxes652,127-11,808,141
Income taxes - current1,123,62189,194
Income taxes - deferred-100,500-2,386,852
Total income taxes1,023,121-2,297,657
Loss attributable to non-controlling interests-45,886-233,467
Loss attributable to owners of parent-325,107-9,277,016