Investor Relations

Financial Information

Statements of Income


(thousands of yen)
Net sales72,690,63881,758,939
Cost of sales65,794,37971,504,110
Gross profit6,896,25910,254,829
Selling, general and administrative expenses6,047,0566,669,293
Operating profit849,2023,585,535
Non-operating income
Interest income73,37375,600
Foreign exchange gains934,0171,173,768
Insurance claim income51,05039,640
Gain on sale of non-current assets20318,649
Gains on write-off of deposits9,4093,943
Gain on cancellation of leases22,44472,609
Refund of chinese value-added-tax40,41964,437
Total non-operating income1,184,6091,595,068
Non-operating expenses
Interest expenses603,125596,426
Loss on sale of non-current assets17,33812,708
Total non-operating expenses715,731692,096
Ordinary profit1,318,0814,488,507
Extraordinary income
Subsidies for employment adjustment36,233-
Reversal of impairment losses124,756111,808
Reserve for closing loss reserve reversal amount-87,014
Total extraordinary income160,990198,823
Extraordinary losses
Provision for loss on shop closing188,713236,367
Impairment losses2,165,6271,078,304
Loss on store closings34,66764,477
Loss on temporary closing of stores1,124,762-
Loss on disaster15,0392,906
Provision for loss on disaster-15,290
Total extraordinary losses3,528,8101,397,345
Profit (loss) before income taxes-2,049,7383,289,985
Income taxes - current496,8201,044,192
Income taxes - deferred800,719897,816
Total income taxes1,297,5391,942,008
Profit (loss)-3,347,2781,347,977
Profit attributable to non-controlling interests29,31633,315
Profit (loss) attributable to owners of parent-3,376,5951,314,661