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Management Policy

Management Strategy

Vision 2020

As a family entertainment company, our aim is to offer family-friendly fun and relaxation, helping children grow up healthy through play.

Our Targets for FY2025

Become Asia's top indoors family entertainment company
Operating revenue 250 billion yen
Operating income 20 billion yen

Strategic targets for FY2019

Operating revenue 80 billion yen (56 billion yen in Japan and 24.6 billion yen overseas)
Operating income 5 billion yen (4.4 billion yen in Japan and 0.6 billion yen overseas)
Number of outlets 1,160 (500 in Japan and 660 overseas)

Basic three-year mid-term strategy

Offer our customers exciting games from around the world as well as independently-developed new games in a branded,safe space.

Key changes to make over the mid-term(three years)

1.Expand the range of products that the competitors are unable to copy

2.Push forward with branding

3.Develop and expand the indoor playground business

4.Accelerate the shift toward Asian markets